Custom Eyewear

What Does Custom Eyewear Mean?

Our custom eyewear program is unlike anything else you'll find in Utah. We have the ability to design a complete bespoke pair of glasses for you in our offices. This means, you pick the colors and we design multiple shapes and styles to fit you perfectly. Your imagination is the only limitation!

The Process

Fitting process to create custom glasses


During the consultation we will take specific measurements and get an idea of what styles you have in mind. We discuss color palettes unless you already have a color in mind. Then we take all of the info we gather to move into the design portion of the process.


The design phase is one of the more time consuming parts of making your one of a kind frame. During the design phase we are creating anywhere from 3-5 styles for you to choose from. This is where we take into account the look you're going for and then put our own little twist on them.

Design prototypes for bespoke glasses.
Handmade glasses prototypes


Once you settle on a design we will create a physical prototype for you to try on to see what it actually looks like on. This also helps us check fit and sizing before we go to the actual process of crafting the frame.

Handmade glasses frames


The creation process is where we're headed after we choose a prototype. We take the style and fit that was chosen and start crafting it from acetate, wood, or buffalo horn. During this stage we start with a rough cut frame and turn it into a frame you'll be happy to wear. There's a lot of filing, sanding, and polishing involved but that's what it takes to create a handmade frame.

Final Frame

After the creating process comes the moment we've all been waiting for. Your frame is ready, at this moment we schedule a time for you to come by so we can make any final adjustments needed and we will have your lenses on hand to cut into the frame if it's not already done. Then you'll leave and get to enjoy your perfectly fit frame that was made one of a kind for you!