Meet the Team

Krystal Vision wouldn't be what it is today without Ami. Krystal Vision was started by Ami's mom Michele in 1999, and when it became too busy for Michele to manage on her own Ami joined on. Fast forward to now, and Ami is an owner and does an impeccable job of curating the elegant collection of eyewear that we have become known for.

Travis is the other owner of Krystal Vision. He's the third generation of the family business and has been in the optical industry since 2012. Travis' is the only Optician in Utah that handcrafts his own eyewear and lives by the motto "You will never work a day in your life if you fall in love with your work."

Holli has been with Krystal Vision since 2013 and is our go to person when somebody needs help choosing between a few great choices of eyewear. With a background in cosmetology, Holli notices subtle differences that many people would miss. 

Tabrynn has been working with Krystal Vision since 2019. With her fun sense of style she's blossoming into a great Optician! Tabrynn is typically or go to when we need somebody to pull off the newest trends and funky styles!