In Office Repairs and Refurbishments
Luxury frames are designed to last for years and even decades, but all good things must come to an end. We have the expertise and tools to repair your favorite frames so you can make the last for a few more years.

Acetate Polishing
We can take your favorite acetate frame and refurbish it with a new polish and make it look as good as the day you bought it!
Hinge Replacements
We can replace hidden and riveted hinges. These are relatively quick fixes that can be done while you wait. Spring hinge breaks have to be outsourced but can be repaired.
Acetate Welding
If you're favorite acetate frame has cracks or is broken, it may be repairable. We have the experience and equipment to mend the break and rejoing the materials. After this we sand down the excess and repolish so you will never know it was broken in the first place!
Nosepad Additions
If you love the look of a chunky acetate frame but they just won't stay up on your bridge, we can fix it. We remove the built up nosepads and replace them with a traditional titanium nosepad that's adjustable and easier to wear for a variety of bridges.
Miscellaneous Repiars
We keep nosepads on hand to replace worn out silicone pads. And other things like various screws to fix different issues. As well as nylon cords to fix broken semi rimless frames.

Outsourced Repairs and Refurbishments
For the tougher repairs we can't offer in house, we have teamed up with one of the top eyeglass repair companies in the country. They have the specialized equipment to make even the toughest repairs happen.

Micro-welding allows even the toughest breaks on your metal frames to be repaired. Done under a microscope to leave the smallest trace possible.
Spring Hinge Replacements
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Powder Coating
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